DI2: Integrated Logistics for Publishing

Who we are

DI2 was established in 2019 as an equal Joint Venture by Sodip srl and Press-di srl,  two of the major Italian National Distributors operating in the magazines  and newspaper press market, particularly  in the distribution of editorial products on the newsstands through the network of Local Distributors.

Press-di and Sodip felt the need to pool their facilities and logistical capabilities, in order to ensure flows and volumes to support and encourage a further process rationalization and integration, while maintaining their distinctive skills and commercial perimeters unchanged on the market.

Since its beginning Di2 is firmly tied to the world of integrated logistics for publishing . It is however intended  to evolve over time towards  new opportunities and markets and therefore to open up to new customers.

DI2 receives the editorial products on disposable pallets, arranged in packs or packed in boxes. The pallets converge on the logistics hubs  where the picking, packing and shipping activities of magazines are concentrated and where the loads are optimized.

DI2 guarantees tracking & tracing from inbound to outbound and therefore during the preparation cycle of the products until their shipment. On their way out of the warehouse, the pallets are all equipped with R-FID tags and are detected by R-FID gates at the loading  platforms . Here pallets  are loaded onto the trucks by means of electric pallet trucks.

DI2 puts its know-how, IT systems and all the warehouse proprietary technologies at the service of current and future customers, even outside the publishing sector. In logistic operations DI2 delivers, on every occasion, the same high service which is aimed at meeting the needs of each reference sector.

Main benefits for Local Distributors:

Rationalization of the routes

DI2 logistics makes it possible to increase the ratio of Distribution Points served per single route, improving delivery to the Local Distributors themselves.

Logistics improvement

Local Distributors receive the information automatically from the picking stage. To improve logistic activities schedule and to manage delivery times to newsstands is therefore made easier for them. Truck loads, pallets’ number , pallets’ content and all other necessary  information are provided to the Local Distributors well before the vehicles have left the hub’s platform.

Main benefits for our customers:

Drastic reduction of problems related to missing products or shipping mistakes

The T&T system, R-FID tags on the outgoing pallets and the R-FID detection gates guarantee wide control efficiency. This reduces process defects to minimum levels.

Always updated information on the logistic processes

DI2’s information system allows a timely update on the progress of picking, packing  and shipping operations  and on-line monitoring of everyday warehouse  and loading  platforms activities.

Cost reduction

Pallet loading optimization allows to fully exploit the capacity of the trucks and to reduce the ratio outbound pallets / inbound pallets with a significant economic outcome for customers.

Respect of cut-off times and on time deliveries

DI2 is able to face any strong organizational stress due to exogenous causes and to manage high seasonal volumes. In every event the flexibility of the system, the regulation of internal processes and the logistics technology implemented by DI2 have always made it possible for DI2 to meet the cut-off times of the departing routes and the deadlines of the delivery times to the newsstands.

What we do

Facts and figures

Vehicles departing on the primary routes

Vehicles departing on secondary routes

In transit pallets

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DI2 manages the forwarding, transportation and reverse logistics of national and imported magazines and editorial products  throughout Italy from / to the hubs mentioned here below.

The company therefore enjoys excellent territorial coverage that allows to process deliveries on time.


Shipping hubs:

  • Warehouse in Cinisello Balsamo: via Bettola 18, 20092 – Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
  • Warehouse in Lainate: via L. Settembrini, 31/33, 20020 Lainate MI)
  • Warehouse in Rome: via Guglielmo Iozzia, 9 00131 – Roma (in collaboration with the Artoni Operations Center in Rome)


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Via Bettola, 18 20092
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